About Soapbubble.dk

Soapbobble.dk is made by a small group of soap bubble enthusiasts.

Soapbubble.dk is a small Danish group of soap bubble enthusiasts. We know each other from Experimentarium (except Teis), which is a science centre in Copenhagen, where we re-discovered the joy of making soap bubbles. Once in a while we meet to make bubble experiments, photograph soap bubbles and practice bubble tricks.

Naturally, we would like to share some of the things we find fascinating about soap bubbles. Therefore, we sometimes give talks or shows on bubbles with the science behind bubbles as starting point. We have taught the science of soap bubbles from primary school up to university level.

On this website we present video clips, our photo gallery and articles on bubble science. Our ambition is that this website should present everything about soap bubbles. Yes, we know that we are far from that goal but we are continuously working on it.

Martin Aggerbeck

Martin develops natural science communication for exibition, learning environments and the like. He is a design engineer and was in charge of the soap bubble exhibition, Bubblelarium, at theDanish Science Centre, Experimentarium. You should go to Martin if you want to know anything about light and colors. He is also known as our "Media Darling" since he has been explaining about soap bubbles numerous times in national television, newspapers and radio.

Søren Elmer Kristensen

Søren is senior advisor at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark. Søren has a master’s degree in biotechnology from Copenhagen University, and he is our guide in the land of molecules. Søren is Soapbubble.dk’s expert in big bubbles.

Karl-Otto Markussen

Karl-Otto teach in mathematics for teacher students at University College Absalon in Roskilde. Karl-Otto has a master degree in didactics and bachelor degrees in mathematics and music. He can explain everything about the shapes and geometry of soap bubbles. In Soapbubble.dk Karl-Otto is the practical genius, designing and building new experimental setups.

Teis Schnipper

Teis is fluids expert at Svend Ole Hansen Aps. He made his Ph.D. at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), where soap films was an important tool in his research on swimming fish and flapping flags. As Soapbubble.dk’s expert in flows and fluid dynamics (which can always be useful), Teis can explain in detail about the flows seen in soap films and soap bubbles.

Søren Bredmose Simonsen

Søren is a senior scientist with expertise in electron microscopy at the Technical University of Denmark at the Department of Energy. With a background in physics Søren is mainly interested in the physics of soap bubbles. He has written the book “Få tjek på Sæbebobler” (Get to know your Soap Bubbles) for school children of ages 9-11 years. Søren was initiator to the first Soap Bubble Festival – an annual event at Experimentarium, the science centre in Copenhagen.

Anders Søndergaard

Anders has a master degree in sociology at the University of Copenhagen and is the webmaster for Soapbubble.dk and is also coaching the rest of Soapbubble.dk in how to see soap bubbles in a social context, using sarcasm as the main tool.